Welcome to Birds Creek Ranch

Red Brahman Cattle Bred with Tradition and Quality

Nestled in Westhoff, TX, Birds Creek Ranch strives to breed exceptional Red Brahman cattle. Our story began in 2015 when we made the life-changing decision to from Sugarland to take over the family ranch in Westhoff going from our 9-5 in the city to ranchers. This move, our own real-life version of "Bless This Mess," marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

At Birds Creek Ranch, we go beyond breeding cattle. We aim to produce top-notch Red Brahman genetics that not only excel in the field but also shine in the show ring alongside their contemporaries. Our dedication to quality is evident as we continuously grow our herd and expand our offerings.

Our Herd

Our 500 acres in central Texas is home to our 57-head cowherd made up of both grade and American Brahman Breeders Association animals. We love the look and performance of the traditional Red Brahman bloodlines.

Our Herd’s Bloodlines

+ VL Tojo Apache 1/50
VL Rojo Designer 2/75
+# JADL Rey Te
+ JDH Karu Manso 800
+ SRS Mr Captain Red Legs
+ BB Me Sting-Ray 10/0
+ KR Mr Red Catfish 777
# Mr Rosario Passport Too 100
Mr. Bogota Manso 253/1
Mr. JD Blue Mucho 270/3
Mr. MK 127
SRS Mr Profiler 729

Our overarching goal is always to produce animals that not only excel in commercial production, but also in the show ring showcasing their unique breed characteristics. You can often find us at major Red Brahman functions including the  Bluebonnet Kick Off Classic and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Brahman Show.
View our foundation dams and sires

Why Red Brahman

The Red Brahman breed is a proven boon to the beef industry, bringing in genetic traits distinct from the traditional European-influenced breeds. In addition to their beauty and rich coat color, they have highly sought after traits including heat and parasite resistance, feed efficiency and longevity – all things we strive to preserve and enhance in our mating decisions.

We channel our passion for this breed in each decision we make and look forward to making our genetics part of your herd as well. The community of the Red Brahman breed is like no other, and its an honor and joy to help proliferate these animals.  

We invite you to explore our herd and legacy and see how our commitment to tradition and quality sets us apart.

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