The Birds Creek Ranch Story

We’re Andrew and Melinda Weikel - owners and operators of Birds Creek Ranch!

The roots of our story trace back to the Weikel Ranch, where we originally bred registered Santa Gertrude's cattle from the renowned King Ranch in the early '60s. Our JAK brand, symbolizing our ranch, originated when the entire herd was acquired and transported to Westhoff, Texas. Honoring our Santa Gertrude's roots while falling in love with the distinctive Brahman breed, we took the plunge into Brahman breeding.

December 7, 2017, remains etched in our memories as the day we welcomed our first two red Brahman calves, Snow and Pearl, from Santa Elena Ranch. What started as a routine 2-hour drive to Madisonville, Texas, turned into an 8-hour adventure home, battling snow whiteout conditions and frozen gas station credit card slots. The challenges of that day inspired the names Snow and Pearl for our cherished additions.

This journey brought us closer to the Brahman breed community, forming lasting friendships and expanding our herd each year. While our primary focus is on Red Brahman genetics, our herd also boasts some Gray Brahman beauty as well. Our commitment is reflected in our motto: "Breeding Tradition and Quality Into Everything We Do."

Apart from our involvement in the Brahman community, we maintain an active presence within the local community of Westhoff, Texas. Melinda serves as the vice president on the school board, while Andrew holds the positions of sexton at the local cemetery and fire chief. Additionally, Melinda is a member of the fire board and serves as the Treasurer for the American Legion, where Andrew is also a member.